Why China Should Be On Your Bucket List for 2016



Certain destinations have a label attached to them and we all think ‘one day’, but most of the time we never end up going there. The reasons for that could be varied, but the main one is because we think it is inaccessible, or too difficult to visit, too different, and maybe we will feel too out of place. Well, if that’s the reason for your non-visiting, then it should be turned on its head and made into a reason for actually going there!

One of those destinations which many people dream of visiting but never actually reach is without a doubt China.

Now, the great news? Visiting China is easy, in fact it’s much easier than it ever has been, and there are countless reasons why this large and sprawling country, full of more culture and history than maybe anywhere else in the world, should be on your bucket list for 2016.

Food, glorious food

Most of us love Chinese food, but the chance to try it whilst visiting its country of origin is something you should certainly be jumping at. The flavours and aromas are totally different, far tastier and far fresher than you will find in any Chinese restaurant the world over. Foodies should basically be jumping on the next plane to China!

A huge country, full of so much to see and do

You will never see everything China has to offer, it’s simply far too big, but you will certainly see more on a China tour if you can identify the parts you do want to visit, and find a tour which ticks those boxes.

Maybe you want to go on a cruise down the historic and mighty Yangtze River, or perhaps you want to explore the opulent and colourful temples in Beijing, such as the famous Temple of Heaven. Maybe a city like Shanghai and its bustling, vibrant atmosphere is for you, or maybe you want to follow the historic old Silk Road. Fancy trekking the Great Wall of China? Totally possible! Basically, this is simply the tiniest of snapshots of everything China has to offer.

History and culture like nowhere else

Chinese culture is famous, and it is often so mysterious that we don’t fully understand it. Visiting China and experiencing perhaps the Chinese New Year, or simply heading to a destination and learning about the history of it, with former Emperors and mysterious superstitions, could really show you a view of China that you might never have thought of before.

Wildlife, oh the wildlife!

You won’t find Giant Pandas anywhere else, and these giant cuddly bears are so stunningly beautiful, and downright cute, that a visit to Chengdu, and the panda breeding base, is a must do. Siberian Tigers won’t be found in the wild, because they are so endangered, but visiting Harbin will give you a view of these graceful and powerful animals. Basically, China has its own famous wildlife that would love to say hello!

It’s very easy on the eye

China’s landscapes are never going to be described as boring, because they’re so soaring, rugged, wild, and sometimes dangerous, that they are completely awe-inspiring. We mentioned cruising the Yangtze River before, and this is certainly a break which will give you more views to remember for the rest of your life than anywhere else. The mountains seem higher in China, the valleys deeper, and the cities more colourful and opulent than you can imagine.

Is China on your bucket list for 2016?

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