Vietnam – Foodie Paradise

Photo Credit: ourmanwhere via photopin cc

Photo Credit: ourmanwhere via photopin cc

Many people have written about Vietnam and its multiple culinary delicacies. This country is notorious for having some of the cheapest foods available – $1 or less per meal! Single local people actually prefer to eat out than to cook because it’s more economic for them. Here’s some of the food that you can try & the best experiences for it.

Pho – A noodle soup with vegetables and your choice of meat: could be pork, chicken, or beef. Some people actually think that it is quite bland, while others love it to bits. It actually is good comfort food – much like your chicken noodle soup! You can see this food being sold at various food stalls dotting the streets. Tip: if a menu says Pho Ga, the second word usually is the meat included with the soup, so in this case, Pho Ga means chicken Pho.

Vietnamese Coffee – Warning: Black Vietnamese coffee is actually very, very rich and strong. I tried it and it was completely different from Starbucks or Westernized coffee experiences that you may be used to. This type of coffee is served hot or cold – the cold variant is definitely one you have to try. They use condensed milk and mixed with the strong coffee makes for an almost dessert treat, almost like you’re not drinking coffee at all.

Goi Cuon (Vietnamese Spring Rolls) – Deep fried or steamed and typically filled with vegetables and chicken, it is one of the most mouthwatering foods you can try while you’re in the country.

Bia Hoi – Vietnamese Beer. Enjoyed while sitting in small stools and tables in the street, it is a very light beer and is brewed daily by the locals. You can literally sit in your tiny stool, hanging out with your new friends before the alcohol can actually settle in. Locals and expats alike enjoy drinking this as you can’t really get this anywhere else in the world!

Banh Mi (Vietnamese Baguettes) – Thank the French for their influence on Vietnam, you can actually get this for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Like all their other dishes, this baguette is stuffed to the brim with veggies and makes for a tasty and filling treat while on the go.

Of course, the best experience would be to eat with the locals rather than eating at some touristy place while in the country. Don’t know any Vietnamese locals? Not a problem, you can actually sign up to eat with the locals in Vietnam, in the comfort of their home at  when you come visit their country. This actually makes for an interesting experience because each family has their own set of recipes that are passed down, so your spring rolls or other dishes may taste differently from the one that you buy from the street.

Do you need more Vietnamese food choices? You can also check out CNNGo’s article for more information.


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