Vaping and Travel

The passenger plane on a background an  landscape

The passenger plane on a background an landscape

With summer not too far away, many of us will be beginning to make travel plans. For those among us who vape, it’s a good idea to think ahead to what travelling with your e-cig involves, and how to avoid any problems while you’re away. With that in mind, we’ve put together a short list of Do’s and Don’ts to help you relax and enjoy your trip.

Do: Check ahead of time what your airline’s policy on e-cigs is and obey their rules.

Before packing your bag and heading off to the airport, the first thing you should do is check exactly what your airline’s e-cig policy is. Vaping has become a lot more prevalent over the past few years, but not all airlines allow e-cigs onboard. Their policy can usually be found on the company’s website, but it’s worth giving them a call to clarify if you’re in any doubt.

Restrictions on the transport of liquids on flights have been in place for several years now, and e-liquids are not exempt from this. If you’re taking e-liquid with you, in the same way as if you plan to take aftershave on your travels, ensure that you follow the rules for carry-on bags and store any spare liquids in your checked bag. 

freeimages transport gallery

freeimages transport gallery

Do Not: Try to hide to your e-cig.

It’s simply not worth it. While clearing airport security, if you do decide to bring your kit with you in your carry-on bag, keep it all together and put it through to be scanned separately. It’s unlikely to even raise an eyebrow, but attempting to tuck batteries away in hidden compartments certainly will. 

Do: Make sure to protected your kit while it is in transit.

Checked bags have a habit of going off on their own adventure through the baggage handling system, so this one should be common sense. Make sure that your kit is well protected and check your bottles of e-liquid to ensure that the caps are fitted securely. It’s advisable to squeeze out any excess air – the pressure at altitude may result in a sealed bottle popping open).

A worldwide ban on transporting e-cigs in checked luggage came into effect last summer. The amendment to the 2015-2016 edition of the ICAO’s Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air (ICAO Doc 9284) means that e-cigs (specifically batteries) cannot be stored in the hold of the aircraft. All vapers need to be aware of this when planning a trip – store all e-cig batteries in your carry-on bag, while making sure they are protected against coming into contact with other metal objects while in transit.


Do Not: Use your e-cig on the plane.

As mentioned above, different airlines will have different policies when it comes to e-cigs. If they are happy for you to use your e-cig in the cabin (which is unlikely, particularly when dealing with the large international carriers) then feel free to vape away (considerately). If, as is much more likely, the airline you’re flying with rules out their use completely, then abide by those rules. You do not want to start your trip off in a Dubai prison.

Do Not: Take more than you need.

It’s hard enough packing your bags for a trip with the essentials, without using up lots of your limited space for additional space for batteries, tanks and e-liquids. Only pack what you’ll actually need – try to work out how long each e cig battery lasts, whether you’ll have access to a charger, and pack appropriately.

Do: Check the laws in your destination country.

Many countries treat the use of e-cigs very differently. While most allow their use, some under the same restrictions as tobacco, in some territories the use or import of e-cigs is banned completely. You need to take any local laws into consideration before pulling out your e-cig. At the time of writing, the following countries all have banned the use of e-cigs, but as their status is subject to change, it’s advisable to check before you leave:

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Hong Kong
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Singapore


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