Using Overseas Websites to Save Money on Travel

Sometimes you’re just taking advantage of the currency conversions. If you’re spending a strong currency, like the Australian or New Zealand dollar, booking through an overseas website in a weaker currency, like Yen or British Pounds, can save you more than a few dollars. Using an international version of a booking site like Expedia is the best way to do this. Booking through (the Japanese version of Expedia) is a great one to try. Experiment with the the flights you’re looking for and see if they’re cheaper. Don’t forget to factor in what your credit card charges you to book in another currency though. If it’s only a saving of a dollar or two it’s probably not worth the transaction charge.

Sometimes there are glaring discrepancies between the prices offered on international versions of airline sites. For example, the difference between booking through the UK version of an airline site and the US version. If you have a flight in mind that you want to take, it’s a good idea to compare the price of the flight you’re about to purchase on a few versions of the airline website.

The same goes for looking at code share parter airlines for bargains. Air France might be selling a ticket at one price while their code share partner Delta Airlines are selling the same ticket for much lower. It always pays to check a few of these sites out.

Car hire sites based in the UK seem to offer better deals than their US counterparts. I always start my search for a hire car on a UK site that will show multiple car hire companies at once and then compare back to the US version.



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