A Truly Laid-Back City


When you head to a city, do you totally immerse yourself in it? Or are you worried about how to get around and how to see everything you want to see? Some cities are a little worrisome in that way, because they are so big, and the traffic and public transport can pose a huge headache. The good news is that not every city in the world is like that, and there are some which are much more laid back, and as a result, offer a much more calm and enjoyable experience.

Welcome to Perth!

Western Australia’s capital city may be large and certainly sprawling in some ways, but it somehow manages to retain that laid back surfer vibe that Australia is so famous for. Perhaps it is because the city is so close to some of the country’s best beaches, lapped by the waters of the Indian Ocean, or perhaps it is simply because the way of life here is much calmer, which results in a more laid back feel to everything.

Whatever the reason, the result is that Perth is a fantastic city to explore and enjoy, without the occasional city-induced headache!

Finding the best place to stay in the city is key, because that will cut down on the amount of travelling into the city you need to do every day. Of course, on the flip side, perhaps you want to stay somewhere more suburban, to give you a more home away from home feel to your break. In that case, check out the many serviced apartments Perth, because not only will you get the perks of a serviced apartment, but you will feel more independent, and ‘at home’ as a result. This is certainly something to think about carefully before you decide on your accommodation.

The city itself is packed with things to see and do, including Kings Park, a beautiful grassed area which is full of important memorials, Perth Mint and its history, Hilarys Boat Harbour, where you can attempt to see whales, Crown Perth Casino, Perth Zoo, and the Aquarium of Western Australia.

Around the city there are equally as many fantastic areas to visit, including Yanchep national park and John Forrest National Park, with plentiful walking trails to enjoy, as well as other outdoor activities, such as caving. If you want to head even further still, head to Shoalwater Islands Marine Park, Greenmount National Park, and Perry Lakes Reserve, to name just a few.

The beaches just a stone’s throw away from the city are certainly idyllic, and offer fantastic opportunities for swimming, watersports, sunbathing, and checking out a stunning sunset.

As you can see, Perth is about much more than just city life at a fast pace, and if you want to try a metropolis which is much more chilled out, certainly get planning your visit.

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