Travelling As a Career Move


Most people love to travel, not only to see and experience far-flung places, but to be on the move, to drift from point A to point B, to witness constantly changing horizons. All year long, people eagerly look forward to summer holidays, not only for sun, sand and sangria, but equally for the airport express bus, the check-in, the fasten-your-seatbelts, the smooth landing, the foreign car-hire, or maybe the ferry or the Channel Tunnel and the traffic on the wrong side of the road. However people get to their destinations, the actual travelling is the distinguishing feature of holiday-making.

A Travelling Career

For those who feel that office or shop work is too confining, who need to get out and stay on the move, there are various career opportunities, although there are some drawbacks. An old song goes: “I joined the navy to see the world, and what did I see? I saw the sea”. Life on board ship is the quintessence of travel, you are always on the move! Certainly sailors, on both military and merchant ships, have days filled with duties and nights in small bunks, but they do get to see much of the world. Cruise ships offer a wealth of job opportunities, from deck officers to cocktail waitresses to electrical engineers to black-jack dealers. From the sea, to the air: flying is the way to get around fast! Pilots and hostesses travel constantly, but often they just get to see lots of airports. Is this the real travellers delight? For those who appreciate the journey as much as the arrival, maybe trains or cars are better. Drivers (trains, buses, lorries) see a lot of lovely rolling country-side, but it is known that spending hours on the road is not an easy life. Those perfect travel jobs (travel writers, foreign correspondents, diplomats, explorers) are few and far between.

Wherever the Job Takes Us

Many jobs nowadays, even those that have nothing to do with travel, involve moving to different locations as the exigencies of the job require. Most companies have offices abroad, or links or transfer agreements with foreign companies, meaning that the secondment or moving around of personnel is becoming more and more frequent. These are great opportunities for those who love travelling; a short stay in a new location offers new experiences and places to explore. There are immediate practicalities to settle, of course, accommodation and transport facilities being the most urgent. Getting around easily is important; hiring a car from a reputable car-hire firm is the best option and, being away from home-ground, complete car insurance coverage, including car hire excess insurance, is a very good idea. In the unlikely event that anything should happen while driving the car, every possibility is covered, and there are no unexpected costs or other surprises. This type of insurance is precious, not only for the complete coverage, but also for the peace of mind that accompanies the dauntless driver as he blithely explores foreign parts.

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