Travel Packing Essentials for Men

Photo Credit: Peekicho

Photo Credit: Peekicho

You read all manner of articles aimed at women, with advice for packing for holidays and travel adventures. I can understand this, I’m a woman myself, and packing is a total nightmare. Without wanting to generalise, and because I’m biased, I think female packing is ten times harder than men. We have far more stuff to think about, be it clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories, and that’s not me being sexist, that’s just the truth the way I experience it.

Having said that, I’m not immune to the fact that men find it difficult to pack for their jollies. This is generally because they don’t give it as much thought as women, end up forgetting something important or useful, and not taking enough on the whole.

Maybe us women should take a leaf out of the male book of packing, and not take quite so much; I know I’m guilty of packing far too much clothing when I go away. Having said that, there are certain things that you men should never forget when it comes to your time away. Take note.

Gadget essentials

We all know how men love a gadget, be it a phone, iPod, laptop or tablet, and with that comes accessories. Chargers! Take a spare if you must, but never be caught short or without. A rechargeable travel battery also comes in really handy, eliminating the stress of that phone flashing red when you need it the most.


No, you don’t need ten pairs, but you do need probably a pair of trainers to travel in, a pair of lightweight beach flip flops, and a smart pair of shoes for any evenings out. Also, remember to wear compression socks on long flights to keep your legs from swelling.


Sweat is not a good thing, it doesn’t smell pleasant, so choose a fragrance that suits day or evening, and pack it!


Okay, so this is where you guys have it easier. You basically only need a couple of pairs of shoes, an evening outfit or two, a few shirts, underwear, and swim shorts. You’re done then, how easy is that?!

See? Call me bias but this is an easy business. It’s simply about remembering the essentials and keeping it all light. If you can carry this all in hand luggage, remembering the under 100ml limit for liquids, then you’ll be laughing, and probably be able to save on the rising cost of booking luggage onto your flight.

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