Top Attractions In Perth


Perth is the largest city in Western Australia and it is a city that’s teeming with fun, excitement and adventure. Whether you prefer good nightlife, sports or lazing on the beach, you’ll find plenty to do in Perth.

Unique shopping

If you’re dying to do some shopping, or if you just want to wander around and window shop, Perth has some wonderful opportunities. There are trendy malls and charming markets. Anyone who’s ever taken a wander through a lively, busy crafts market knows what an adventure that can be – you never know what treasures you will find, and what stories you’ll have to tell after. You can buy some unique Aboriginal art, browse the used book stalls, hunt for antiques – or just buy a cute new outfit to wear to the beach.

There are many exciting weekend markets and even plenty of specialty markets where you’ll be sure to find whatever you’re looking for. There are markets scattered all over the city, so you’ll be near one where ever you are staying – and you can even head over to the Perth City Market for some fresh produce.


The city has many free art walks which you can follow – though you might accidentally discover some of the displays when wandering around the city anyway. You’ll be sure to learn loads about the city’s rich artistic spirit: you’ll see everything from mosaics to bronze statues. You can also go and have a more formal viewing at one of the city’s many galleries, like the Art Gallery of Western Australia.

Have an extreme adventure

If you’re out to seek some thrills, Perth will offer you plenty of opportunities to do just that. You can book sky-diving, or a scenic hot air balloon ride, go on a boat cruise, or try your hand at water sports like surfing, kayaking and kite boarding. Perth has a long stretch of coastline that boasts beautiful and wondrous marine life. You can explore these hidden depths by going diving or snorkelling – there are even mysterious wrecks for you to explore. There is a sparkling ocean, and many exciting waterways just waiting to be discovered. At the Rockingham Marine Park, you can go snorkelling, kayaking and diving for free.

If you’re going to be doing all this adventuring, don’t forget to buy travel insurance! And if you prefer your sports a little tamer, Perth also has a number of excellent golf courses to choose from.


Pack a delicious lunch and some nice wine, and enjoy one of the many outdoor cinemas to be found around Perth. It’s a great way to unwind and take in a film in the fresh air. You can even hire chairs or mats when you get there, so you don’t have to remember to bring your own. You can also have a free picnic at the Kings Botanic Garden and take in some sun.

There are loads of different attractions to see and plenty to do in Perth to make your holiday a wonderful time all around.


Image: Daniel E Lee via photopin cc

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