Tips for Getting Around Australia

Australia is huge! While most of the major cities are dotted around the coast, the distances are vast and there are large areas of great nothingness in the centre. Let’s face it, Australia is practically a continent unto it’s self. This means that getting around Australia requires some careful planning.


Here are some tips for getting around Australia:


Flights – For such a large country, Australia doesn’t have a large number of domestic airlines. Qantas, the national carrier, and their budget arm Jetstar fly across a lot of Australia. V Australia and Tiger Airways also fly a number of routes. Booking on an overseas website can help you save a few dollars on Jetstar fares.

Organised Tour – If you’re short on time or don’t feel comfortable driving around such a vast country on your own accord, look into doing one of Scenic Tours ultimate Australia tours. Jumping on a tour like this will give you the support to do things you might not consider on your own like overnighting at Uluru!

Rental Car – Whether your want to do an extended road trip around Australia or just explore one region, renting a car is a great way to see more than Australia’s cities. While Sydney and Melbourne are fantastic urban spots, the beauty of Australia lies in it’s gorgeous beaches, hinterlands and countryside. Vroom Vroom Vroom is the best site for comparing car hires from major companies. Always Google for a coupon before booking with a major car rental company. If you’re looking at rentals returning to the same spot, do some research on local car rental companies. They’re usually just outside of a major airport and have excellent rates.

Buying a Car – Buying a car is a popular option amongst the backpacker-set and is a great idea if you plan on spending a few months travelling around Australia. Buying a car from another backpacker is the way to go as they’ll also sell you any camping gear they had for their journey which saves you having to buy it. Here’s a great site to get an idea of prices.

Ferry – If you want to include Tasmania as part of your Australian adventure, there are ferries that run overnight between Melbourne and Devonport. Y Travel Blog have a great post about their recent experience on the Spirit of Tasmania. It looks very comfortable indeed!

Train – Although it’s not well-known, Australia does have a passenger rail network. The distances are great but the vistas are GREAT! You can travel from Perth across to Adelaide, Melbourne or Sydney, from Adelaide up through the red centre to Darwin, and pretty much the entire length of the East Coast.


Here are 10 Tips for Saving Money in Australia from that will give you some more ideas.



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  1. Australia definitely is a huge country, and I think many overseas visitors underestimate just how huge!! I think even if hiring/buying a car, taking public transportation etc, it is worth considering flying some segments on a journey here to save some time/pain.

  2. NZ is great to see by road trip but with Australia being so much larger and spread out, unless you have all the time in the world cutting out some of the middle ground with flights definitely makes sense!

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