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How to do this major city in total luxury

When it comes to huge metropolis’ there are few more engaging and exciting than Shanghai. With a population of a massive 23 million, this is the largest and most developed city in China, and with that comes a plethora of opportunities to see, and do some amazingly luxurious things.

The great news is that Shanghai has a large international airport, as well as a domestic one, so whether you fly direct into China, or whether you fly internally from another region, it’s very easy to get there. On top of this, the transport links in and around Shanghai are very easy to use, and very plentiful, which is something you would certainly expect from a large city. You can easily book a private transfer to get you from the airport to the city centre, which will only take around an hour, and is a speedier, and more comfortable option than public shuttle bus.

There are a range of sophisticated, classy hotels in Shanghai, fitting in with the skyscraper skyline, and the countless boutiques and top class restaurants which you will see lining the streets and when you look upwards. You will find large name hotels which offer everything from business facilities, to spas, fitness centres, room service, sophisticated restaurants, and suite upgrades, so comfort will never be a problem, giving you a wonderfully glamourous place to rest your head and feet at the end of a long day.

There are plenty of ways you can glam up your stay in glittering Shanghai, and here’s a few ideas.

If speed is your thing then The Maglev is where you need to be heading. This is the world’s fastest train, so you need to be heading here if you have a need for speed! Flying across the city at 270mph in total air-conditioned comfort, you won’t even feel like you’re moving, and it covers a massive 19 miles in just 8 minutes – that’s speedy! If you want to learn more about it, the Maglev Museum will help you learn about its history, building, and engineering.

Speed may make you feel hungry, and in that case a visit to one of the many Shanghai restaurants will show you just how wonderful Chinese cuisine can be. We all know that Chinese food is amongst the best in the world, and there’s no denying that trying an authentic dish in the place it was born is always going to be the best in terms of flavour. Whether it’s classic sweet and sour, or a kung po explosion, you’ll find a range of restaurants with stunning views over the Shanghai skyline. Book ahead to secure your table with the best view, and up the ante in terms of luxury by throwing in a bottle of champagne.

If you fancy a show after your dinner, then the Shanghai Circus World is the place to go. Here you can watch world class acrobats, dancers, and museums, in one of the most spectacular shows on earth. Again, book ahead as this does get quite busy, and upgrade to a more expensive seat to get the best view of what you’re seeing.

Perhaps it’s all about views for you, and in that case you need to be heading to world’s highest observatory in the World Financial Center. This is the world’s fifth tallest building and will show you everything you could possibly want to see from the glittering Shanghai skyline. You might not be sat in total luxury with a glass of champers in your hand for this particular activity, but it is one that should be done, and a memory you should certainly have. High up on the 100th floor, the sunsets here are something to blow your mind entirely.

Staying with nature, how about a luxury cruise down the Huangpu River. You can choose from many different tours of the river, which takes you past the skyline, down to The Bund, which is Shanghai’s recently renovated walkway, full of colonial architecture, before giving way to huge skyscrapers. You could jump on the ferry, but that just wouldn’t be luxurious enough, so instead arrange a private tour and enjoy peace and quiet as you check out the views. The longest tour can take up to three and a half hours, giving you a true overview of the outer layer of the city, ending at Wusongkou Harbour, before the Huangpu meets the mighty Yangtze, heading out further to the East China Sea.

Designer shopping might be your thing, in which case Nanjing Road is a great place for a wander and a few beverages as you go. Here you will find boutiques, as well as classic Chinese sculptures. If you prefer larger malls however, Reel Mall is for you, with designer stores, high end dining options, and the opportunity for a glittering champagne brunch mid-shopping spree.

Shanghai is a modern city with an eastern, ancient blend, and because of that you will find it inspiring and attention grabbing indeed.

Photo Credit: hans-johnson

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