Planning a Boys’ Weekend in Prague


When it comes to finding a destination for a boys-only weekend away, you don’t have to look too far. There are a plethora of European destinations which make for great fun weekends away from home, with cheap beer and attractions to keep you busy during the day – if you decide to get out of bed, that is! One of those destinations, which is certainly high up on the nightlife radar and low in price, is Prague.

Low cost airlines regularly fly to Prague, which makes it very easy on the pocket, and the low cost of food and drink once you’re there means it’s quite the no-brainer. Prague is also popular for stag parties, and there are many companies online who will help you plan your special weekend away, to make sure it goes off with a bang.

If however you just want a boys-only weekend away in Prague, without the stag element, then that is more than possible. Here’s a few pointers to fill your weekend away.

Make sure your accommodation is central

If you’re going to be staggering back to your hotel come the early hours, or come daylight, then you don’t want to be staggering too far. Prague is a very walkable city, but if you want to be close to the nightlife then book your accommodation close to Wenceslas Square. This is where the main nightlife is situated. If you are going to stay anywhere else in the city, ask at reception for the number of a good taxi service, as phoning for a taxi is always the cheaper way to get around, rather than hailing a cab on the street.

Always change your money in the bank

You’ll find countless change offices and even street vendors offering to do currency exchange, but it’s always the best bet to head to the bank to change money. This means you won’t be charged commission fees and you will get the best rate; after all, even a little more cash on a favourable exchange rate is best for spending on beer!

Make sure you throw in some culture at some point

It would be a crying shame not to see some of the sights whilst in Prague, because it is such a beautiful and cultural city. Prague is the epitome of where old meets new, and perhaps a daytime river cruise is a good way to see it. Alternatively, head to the Old Town and check out the sights, such as the old Astronomical Clock, or Prague Castle, which is the largest castle in the world. Try not to focus 100% of your time on drinking!

Throw in some fun activities

To go alongside the cultural element, there are many fun activities to try in Prague, which are perfect for male bonding on a boys’ weekend away! You can drive a military tank just outside of the city centre, you can go-kart, or you can go zorbing, to name just a few fun activities to boost your daytime fun.

A boys-only weekend in Prague will probably leave your liver feeling a little battle-weary, but it will be a weekend to remember. Prague has an open-minded society, especially in the newer part of the city, with very lively nightlife, cheap beer, and many nightclubs and bars. You could choose to go on a guided bar crawl on your first night, to get your bearings, or head to one of the more popular mainstream places, such as the Ice Bar or one of the bigger nightclubs. It’s basically about finding a bar or pub which suits your party’s needs – you won’t struggle, that’s for sure!

Photo Credit: Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho

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