Picture Yourself in Sun-Drenched Tenerife


Seeking sun this winter?

Winter can be a boring time, not least the fact that the weather is cold, the sun never seems to shine, and the days get so short, you begin to wonder if daylight exists.

If this is how you feel when winter is in full swing, you could certainly be forgiven for wanting to escape to the sun, to recapture that summer feeling, and put smile on your face, as well as a tan on your skin. Some destinations are obviously sunnier than others, but if you want somewhere that is warm, sunny, lacking in rain, but at the same time not stiflingly hot, then you should be looking towards Tenerife, with great deals to be found during the low season if you shop around, especially through companies such as Monster Travel, for example.

Tenerife is obviously a Canary Island, belonging to Spain, situated south from the mainland, and off the coast of Northern Africa. It is this location which means sunny weather all year around, and that is great news for those wanting to escape the winter darkness, and head somewhere which seems to be eternally bright. The islands are nicknamed The Islands of Eternal Spring, and this should tell you a lot about the weather.

Despite this, Tenerife is a volcanic and mountainous island, and if you head north or inland, you will experience colder, wetter weather, with the occasional snow shower in the central mountains. In total comparison, head to the south of the island and you will feel like you’ve gone back in time to June.

The south coast is dotted with several very popular tourist resorts, such as Los Cristianos, Playa de Las Americas, and Playa Paraiso. These resorts are quieter during the winter season, but still have plenty to enjoy, not least the beaches, which are certainly still on the agenda during the so-called cooler months; the average sea temperature is still in the low 20s, so you can swim and take part in water-sports to your heart’s content.

The average temperature for the whole of Tenerife sits at around 17 degrees in winter, however it is much more likely to be in the low 20s across the south coast. This is great news for anyone wanting to get out and about, which is totally doable with a reliable and quality bus service. Visiting Mount Teide National Park is a definite must do, and hiking to the top will show you stunning views – remember to wrap up warm in winter however as there could be snow along the way. This is the great thing about Tenerife – one day you could be driving up to Mount Teide, and the next day you could be sunbathing on a beach in the south!

Loro Parque is a fun day out for the family, with animals and attractions to enjoy, and Masca Valley is another must visit destination, through Los Gigantes, a scenic gorge, and wildlife spotting along the way. The scenery along here is enough to rival anywhere else in the world.

The main tourist resorts obviously have their beaches, there are countless restaurants, shops, and attractions to enjoy, and a daytime walk along the beach or promenade is a great way to enjoy the mild weather and relax away from the harsh reality of winter back home.

Can you picture yourself in sunny Tenerife this winter?

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