A New Year’s Dream


Where do you dream of spending New Year’s Eve?

For some it is Times Square, with the famous Ball Drop; for others it could be London, with the festivities over the London Eye, but for many the dream is very much Australian, and centres with those huge fireworks over Sydney Harbour Bridge.

You’ve no doubt seen it on TV, but have you ever thought about making that dream a reality?

Sydney is one of the most vibrant, diverse, and welcoming cities on earth, and for that reason it receives millions of visitors every year, many of them first time, even more of them repeat visitors.


Because this sunny, laid-back city is warm, friendly, and packed with things to see and do.

You can find plentiful accommodation in and around the centre, as well as many cheap hotel Sydney choices; just head online to find the best range for you, and figure out your shortlist from there.

The Rocks is the most visited part of the city in terms of tourism, because this is where you will find the two iconic buildings, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the Sydney Opera House. Can you think of two more iconic buildings than these on the planet? You would struggle.

The vibrant night life is also a major plus in Sydney, and it is as varied and bright as you can imagine. Head to Chinatown for a really authentic Far East experience. Kings Cross has a trendy feel, with seriously cutting edge fashion and big clubs and bars, or perhaps head to Star Casino in City West, and attempt to win big, so you can fund your shopping fun!

Darling Harbour is a packed with entertainment, both in the evening and during the day, and The Rocks, as we mentioned, should be somewhere you spend a large portion of your time; if nothing else, you need to take those iconic photographs from this spot for your own personal collection!

Whether you choose to make your New Year dream come true, and you get to check out those fantastic and jaw-dropping fireworks first hand, or you head to Sydney at a different time of year, you are sure to have a wonderful time. This is one city which doesn’t let its visitors leave without a smile on their face, and probably with thoughts in their head of planning their return visit!

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