A New Approach to Travel Day

Going on holiday is fun; you get to see a new place, chill out, have fun, treat yourself, and basically relax away from all the stresses and strains you may have going on at home. What isn’t fun is getting stressed whilst you’re trying to get from A to B, and whilst you can’t completely take away the stress and tiredness of travel, you can do things to make it better.

Let me explain a little more.

Basically, I find travel day a bit of a waste of a day. Yes, you need to do it because otherwise you’re not going anywhere, but the actual waiting around part of it really annoys me, because I’m raring to go, and want to be in my resort already! On top of this there are the seemingly endless queues and crowds which always go hand in hand with airport travel, which unfortunately, there is no way around.

One thing you can do however is cut out the stress a little, and I do that by driving myself to the airport and parking up, rather than opting for expensive and long-winded public transport. I’ve had more than enough hair-raising experiences trying to get my heavy suitcase onto a train, and enough coach journeys which lasted twice as long as they would have taken had I chosen to drive in the first place. The first time I drove and booked airport parking, I was surprised at the low cost, especially when you compare it to the rising cost of public transport, but what struck me most of all was the stress-free approach that came with it. I’m now a convert and will not be going back to my old ways!

You can adapt this approach to any airport you’re travelling from, and it doesn’t have to be a major airport to work, because you can still park up at the more regional terminals. I have used Leeds Airport parking on several occasions, and I received the same level of service and same bargain price as I did for the London airports.

If you’re like me, and you find that travel day stresses the hell out of you, when you really want to just enjoy it and see it as part of your holiday, then look at the way you’re doing things, and see how you can change your approach. There’s bound to be a common denominator in there somewhere, and I can bet it’s how you get from home to the airport which is the trigger for your airport stress. Change it, and change your experience for the better!

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