What You Need to Know About Broadway


When you visit a city as big as New York, you need to know a few things before you get there, to ensure that your time in this massive, interesting, and downright amazing metropolis is as stress-free and fantastic as possible. Planning is the name of the game; don’t worry, there are no itineraries or clipboards required here, just a little pre-knowledge you need to bear in mind.

Broadway is one of the most iconic places to visit in the Big Apple, and if you don’t check out a show or two during your visit, you’ve basically failed

Of course, something as interesting and ‘big’ an experience as this needs a few pointers beforehand. Here’s what you need to know:

Make a night/evening of it

The Theater District is surrounded by hotels and restaurants, which means you can make a night of your show in a big way! If you’re going for a matinee performance, you can easily head for lunch first, or perhaps dinner afterwards, and then maybe out for cocktails. If you’re travelling with the kids, there are plentiful activities around the district also.

Research the shows on offer

There is a show for everyone! Obviously, if you have your children in tow, certain shows might not be for them, but that is where research comes in very handy indeed! Check out reviews and see which particular shows will float your boat!

Only purchase official tickets

You will find many ticket touts in and around the Theater District, but these people are not selling official tickets. Never buy anything from these street vendors, they are not offering you anything good, no matter what they say! Only stick to the official Box Office of the theatre itself, or head online to a reputable ticket site, such as discount Broadway ticket, where you will find the best deals and availability in real time.

Waiting until the last minute for tickets might work – but it might not!

You might have heard about the trick of booking something at the last minute and saving cash as a result, and whilst that does work in many cases, a lot of cases in fact, there are cases where it doesn’t work. You need to weigh up the pros and cons in terms of this and Broadway show tickets, because these are very in demand tickets, and you are playing a little Russian roulette by waiting too long. Having said that, there are many instances where calling into the Box Office on the morning of the show can yield results.

Which show are you going to head to?

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