Long Haul Routes Flown by Budget Airlines

Choosing a budget airline over a full service airline can save you a lot of money, particularly on long haul journeys. If you’re willing to put up with mild discomfort, entertain yourself, pack light and bring your own food… you can save a fair chunk of change by sticking with budget airlines on long haul routes.

It’s not always apparent which budget airlines fly on what routes as sometimes they aren’t returned in the results when you’re searching for flights.


Here are some long haul routes flown by budget airlines:


Tokyo to Gold Coast – Jetstar flies between Tokyo and Coolangata Airport on the Gold Coast of Australia. The flight takes 9 hours and costs about $250.

Sydney to Honolulu – Jetstar run the route between Sydney and Honolulu which is the only budget airline crossing the Pacific. Flight time is 9 hours 45 and the fare starts at $325.

Singapore to Sydney – Scoot is Singapore Airlines budget arm. They fly the Singapore to Sydney route for $190 and it takes 7 hours 30.

Kuala Lumpur to Sydney – You can find flights on Air Asia between Kuala Lumpur and Sydney for as little as $130. That’s cheap for an 8 hour flight! Air Asia also fly to Perth (5 hours 30), Melbourne (7 hours 50), Gold Coast (8 hours 20) and Adelaide (7 hours 40) in Australia.

Auckland to Singapore – The only direct flight between New Zealand and Asia on a budget airline is Jetstar’s flight from Auckland to Singapore. For an 11 hour and 15 minute flight the $280 price tag isn’t bad at all.

Manila to Dubai – Cebu Pacific fly from Manila in the Philippines to Dubai for $225. The flight takes 9 hours.

Dubai to Ekaterinburg – Middle Eastern budget airline Flydubai’s offers flights from Dubai to Ekaterinburg in Russia. The flight takes just over 5 hours and costs $200.

Dubai to Belgrade – Flydubai’s longest route is their flights from Dubai into Belgrade, Serbia at 6 hours. This flight costs $315 at it’s cheapest.

Kiev to Dubai – This has got to be the cheapest long haul budget route… Kiev to Dubai on Wizz Air for only $50! The flight is 5 hours long so that’s a cost of only $10 an hour. Crazy!

Istanbul to Almaty – Pegasus Airlines flies the 5 hours journey from Istanbul, Turkey to Almaty, Kazakhstan for $185.

Oslo to Bangkok – Norwegian offers the flight from Oslo to Bangkok, Thailand for as little as $260. At 10 hours 35 minutes, I think this is the longest flight you can take on a budget airline.

Billund to Tenerife – At just over 5 hours, RyanAir’s longest route is their flight from Billund in Denmark to the Spanish island of Tenerife. It costs $125.

Boston to San Francisco – This is the longest route in the continental US that you can fly on a budget airline! The flight takes almost 7 hours and is operated by Virgin America. It’ll cost about $160.

New York to Bogota – Jet Blue fly from New York’s JFK Airport into Bogota, Colombia. The 5 hour flight costs a little under $200 one way.

New York to London – Norwegian offer this Transatlantic flight for under $300! It takes 6.5 hours and is operated by a 787 Dreamliner.

Fort Lauderdale to Stockholm – Norwegian again! This time offering the 9.5 hour flight between Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Stockholm, Sweden for only $175. Norwegian operate a 787 Dreamliner on this route too.

Fort Lauderdale to Lima – Spirit and Jet Blue both fly this route for under $200 one way. Spirit offers cheaper fares outright but baggage costs might make it more expensive. Jet Blue offers one free bag while Spirit charges for checked baggage AND carry on! See this post for a complete breakdown of baggage costs on US airlines. The flight takes just under 6 hours.


All prices are in USD and are for the cheapest fare I was able to find over the course of the year.


Know of any long haul routes flown by budget airlines? If I’ve missed one, let me know in the comments below and I’ll include them on my list.


Feature photo credit: Pieter v Marion via photopin cc


  1. Scoot and Air Asia also operate out of Coolangatta (OOL) Gold Coast, Queensland. Scoot to Singapore AUD$199. Air Asia to K.L. AUD$199. Air Asia also offer flights from OOL to Phuket, etc.

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  3. Hi Bethaney, Thanks for this awesome list. Before I started my big tour through South East Asia, I booked a flight from Oslo to Bangkok for only 250€!

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