How to Pack for a Multi-Season Trip

Packing for a trip that will see you travel through multiple seasons and climates can be tricky. You can still pack light however if you follow a few simple tips.

Here’s how you should pack for a multi-season trip:

Start out warm. If your itinerary permits it, start in the warmer countries and travel light. Pick up a new set of clothes when you arrive at your first cool weather destination. If you’re backpacking in South East Asia for your first few months you certainly don’t want to drag around a bunch of woollen clothes.

Think layers. Don’t pack individual bulky items like thick woollen jumpers and coats. Instead focus on finding pieces that are light enough to pile on top of one another in cool climates but still look good on their own when it’s warm. Leggings and a cardigan are ideal for transition a summer dress into something wearable in cooler weather.

Choose multipurpose items. Pick a summer dress that can double as an evening dress. If you live in jeans at home, take them with you on the road. They’re very versatile and can be dressed up or down easily. Scarves and pashminas are a simple way to transform an outfit and add an extra layer of warmth.

Choose warm, light fabrics. Merino wool is a great fabric for travel. It’s wool so it will keep you warm but it’s lightweight so dries quickly and works well as an extra layer of warmth.

No “just in case” items. Forget about all those little “just in case” items and go for multipurpose clothing. If you really need it you can buy it on the road and then you have a great souvenir when you get back!

Divide and conquer. If you’re travelling solo use packing cells to separate out your warm and cool weather clothes. When you’re in warm countries you can just leave your cool packing cell in the bottom of your bag and forget about it. Once you hit the cooler countries just start pulling out the layers from your cool packing cell. If you’re travelling as a couple or family, keep all the warm clothes in one bag that you don’t need to open until you step off the plane at your first cold destination.


Feature image credit: kohlmann.sascha via photopin cc