Hawaii’s Big Attraction

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When it comes to vacation destinations, Hawaii is certainly on many a short list. The huge might and wonder of Mother nature, the surfing, the food, the attractions, the chilled out vibe – there’s no wonder that this is a bucket list destination, and then some. Having said that, one thing which has put people off in the past is the cost of visiting. No more however, as costs are falling – great news!

Most people aren’t aware that Hawaii is actually an island archipelago, and a state of the USA. The various islands all offer something totally different from each other, but for those who want to explore the wonder of nature, it has to be the Big Island.

Big by name and big by nature, the Big Island is home to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and when it comes to where to stay in Big Island, there are plentiful choices. From huge five star hotels, to vacation villas and condos, with everything in-between, the Big Island offers something for everyone.

This is an island which is ideal for anyone who loves to get out and explore, and those who love to be in the Great Outdoors. Where to base yourself is the biggest choice you need to make, and there are a few main choices. The eastern side of the island is on the Windward coast, and this means that you’re likely to see a little more in the way of precipitation on occasion. This isn’t a big problem, because it means that temperatures are slightly lower – ideal for those who want to be able to get out and see what is around, without sweating excessively! The landscapes in this part of the island are also rather topical, with lush rainforests and beautiful thundering waterfalls. Hiking and walking in this part of the island is a fantastic pastime, and a very popular one at that.

In total contrast, the western side of the island is on the Leeward side, and this means less in the way of rain and slightly higher temperatures. Do you know what that means? Beach time! This part of the island is ideal for anyone who wants to learn to surf – the state’s pastime! There are many surf schools around here, and because the waves aren’t as high or strong as some other parts of the island, or the other islands overall, this means you have a much better chance of mastering the sport. Do make sure that you head to a good quality surf school, and don’t ty and do it yourself, because the waves might be lower, but they are still dangerous for those who aren’t experienced.

Kailua is a great city to visit, and one which is vibrant and offers plentiful entertainment options, for a break from the outdoorsy fun. You will find bars, restaurants, and a totally chilled out vibe around the city, and most large hotels also have Hawaiian themed nights, where you can see traditional hula dancing and authentic food on offer – a must do night out!

For anyone who loves golf and chilling out in five star surroundings, the Kohala region is the place to go. The golf courses around here are championship standard, and the scenery during your game will certainly be a distraction!

Of course, we have to talk volcanoes! The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is somewhere everyone has to o when they visit Hawaii, whether the Big Island is their overall base or not. This is somewhere the landscapes will take your breath away, and with three active volcanoes in the area, this is a true example of the might and fury of Mother Nature!

Hualalai, Mauna Loa and Kilauea are the active volcanoes in the area, with one of those being the most active of them all; there are also several dormant volcanoes, as well as a few extinct ones as well. The sheer scale of the region, the lunar-like landscape, and the fact that you are standing on land which is a real other-worldly matter, all adds up to a true experience to be had.

Don’t forget to check out your visa requirements when planning your visit to Hawaii. The state is part of the USA, and isn’t an independent country in its own right, as many people falsely think. For that reason, head online and check out your country of origin’s particular visa requirements; this could be an online ESTA (visa you apply for and pay for online), or it could be a more formal visa application – it all depends on where you are from, but do remember to leave enough time to sort this issue out, because formal visas can be a lengthy process, especially during busy times of the year.

The Big Island isn’t just the largest island in the Hawaiian archipelago, it is the most natural of them all, thanks to Mother Nature’s biggest example of wonder. Whether you learn to surf, you go dolphin spotting, you head off hiking, you learn how to hula dance, or you stand in awe at an active volcano, the Big Island is a destination which will never leave your memories once you return home, and quite probably, will be somewhere you want to visit again. The cheaper air fares to Hawaii mean that more and more of us can visit this natural wonder of the world, and with plentiful accommodation to choose from, there’s really no reason not to tick this destination off your bucket list.

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