Best Travel Tips of the Week – 6 December 2013

Finding you the best travel tips of the week from across the web!


Each Friday I’m sharing the best travel tips posts I’ve come across during the week. If you’ve got a post to submit, send me a tweet or leave a message on my Facebook page.


Does the kind of trip you’re taking affect which type of bag you bring?

Absolutely! Kathryn from RTW Travel Guide shares her bag recommendations based on trip type.


How do you pack for a two-year trip that will take you through all four seasons?

Jason from Travel Junkies has been on the road for a year with his family so have been around the block (and the globe) once on this one! He shares his packing list for a multi-season RTW trip. I’m definitely on the same page as him… merino wool all the way!!!!


Nothing is more important than your passport when you’re on the road, right?

Keep it safe with these great tips on how not to lose your passport. They may seem like no-brainers but how many times have you heard of travellers either losing or being relieved of their passport? Also, a good time to think about what you back up plan is for if you lose your own passport.

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