Best Travel Tips of the Week – 27 December 2013

Finding you the best travel tips of the week from across the web!


Each Friday I’m sharing the best travel tips posts I’ve come across during the week. If you’ve got a post to submit for next week, leave a comment in this week’s post, send me a tweet or leave a message on my Facebook page.


Retire abroad for only $600 a month!

Yes, really! As little as $600 a month could see you retiring abroad in places like Ecuador and Panama. Here are some real world examples from MSN Money.


The benefit of being a dual citizen

Jonny Blair shares some of the advantages of having two passports when you travel. If you have the ability to have dual citizenship, do it!


Think NYC can’t be done cheaply?

Think again! Broke Tourist maps out how you can spend only $100 for a whole week in the Big Apple. Sounds like a bargain to me!


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