Five Romantic Things to do in Amsterdam

Photo Credit: Amsterdam via photopin (license)

Photo Credit: Amsterdam via photopin (license)

Romance is alive and well no matter where you are in the world; you don’t have to be visiting Paris to say you’re heading off on a break to celebrate your love for one other, or simply to spend a little time as a couple without the stresses and demands of back home. Every city the world over has activities and places which call out to the romantic in you, but one particularly special place to visit, simply because of how beautiful it is, is Amsterdam.

Now, there are many ways to explore Amsterdam, such as a romantic Amsterdam canal cruise, hiring a bike, walking, or by car, but if you’re hell bent on having a holiday or mini break which is brimming with romance with a capital R, you’re going to want to identify a few activities which achieve that aim. Well, help is at hand. If you’re planning on visiting Amsterdam for a loved up break, check out these ideas.

A moonlit walk

Amsterdam is simply breath-taking at night, and the lights which twinkle from the canal bridges look like something out of a magical fairytale; what better scene for a romantic walk for two? You will easily find your way around the canal belt, ambling through the cobbled streets, maybe finished off with a romantic meal for two at one of the many pavement cafes and restaurants you will pass. Leisurely and chilled out is the order of the evening for this particular activity.

Cruise the canals

The canals are obviously the centrepoint of Amsterdam, but cruising down them will help give you more of a sense of the scale of the city, as well as some of the beautiful architecture. If you’re crammed onto a canal boat with screaming children or many other people you’re not going to really enjoy the time you’re spending together as much as if you chartered your own boat, so this is certainly a romantic idea to try. This way, you get to experience it all without interruptions.

A romantic bicycle ride

The locals get around generally by bike, so in order to experience something authentic together, do the same thing! Again, we’re centring this around the canals, but a slow bike ride together along the canals and over the bridges, hopefully in the sunshine, is a truly romantic idea, especially when you see some of the beautiful buildings you’ll pass, and open spaces. Of course, you could stop off along the way for a coffee!

Flower it up

On top of canals, Amsterdam is famous for its flower market, or bloemenmarkt. Here you’ll find scented, brightly coloured flowers of every type you can imagine, which is a perfect idea to shower your loved one with either in surprise or by hand picking them together. Decorate your hotel room with fresh flowers to make it a truly loved up space.

The Magere Brug

There is a legend that those who kiss at the Magere Brug, or Skinny Bridge as it is more commonly known, will stay together forever. Now, whether this is proven or not remains to be seen, but it’s certainly a cute idea to try!

These are just a few ideas you might like to try on your upcoming city break to beautiful Amsterdam. Of course, love is certainly all in the actions and thoughts of the person, but the activities and sights you will see, will certainly help push along the mood of amore!

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