Five Habits You Can Drop to Save THOUSANDS for Travel

Saving for travel doesn’t have to be difficult, take years or require you to rake up credit card debt. You can make small changes to your daily life that will help you save a decent chunk of change for your upcoming travels. Saving up for a big round the world trip requires you to evaluate your daily spending habits. Once you take a closer look, you’ll be shocked at how much you’re spending on those little luxury items.

Here are five spending habits you can drop to save THOUSANDS for travel:


Say no to cigs! If you’re a smoker you are literally watching thousands of dollars go up in smoke each year. Switch to E-cigs and you’ll be on your way to saving a decent chunk of your monthly paycheck. An E Cigarette Starter pack can cost as little as £10. The average price of a pack of cigarettes is £9. If you smoke a pack a day that’s a horrifying £3,285 a year!!


Brew Your Own Coffee. This one is really simple and effective! A once daily latte habit can cost you a lot long term. Fancy £5 coffee, seven days a week and you’ll have spent a whopping £1,820 a year! That’s easily a plane ticket to the other side of the planet. Do your best to avoid the lure of Starbucks by buying your own tumbler and making your own coffee at home or work. If you need the sugar rush, buy a bottle of vanilla or caramel syrup to pump into you own brew.


BYO lunch. Spending £10 a day on lunch while you’re a work is a pricey habit. You can pack a lunch for at least half that amount. Plan in advance by freezing leftovers, stocking up on items like canned tuna & chickpeas and you’ll soon be able to come up with interesting, inventive lunch options on a much smaller budget. Cutting your lunch budget from £10 to £5 a day during the working week will save you £1,300 a year. Newsflash: A plate of pad thai in Thailand will only cost you £1 so put that craving on hold and indulge once you’re on the road.


Cut out magazines. Don’t think of magazines as just a pound or two. It all makes a difference. Your weekly Grazia habit is costing you £65 a year. Your monthly Vogue is £48 a year. Resist the urge to pick one up before you get on the train. Get your daily dose of gossip on websites like Dlisted or Perez Hilton instead. Better for the environment too!


Swap instead of shop. Got a great group of girlfriends? Instead of dumping £100 or more per month in a department store, organise a monthly clothes swap amongst a group of friends, colleagues or classmates. Another good way of resisting the sale is the buy your backpack or suitcase and realise how little space you’ll actually have when you begin your travels. Many travellers take only carry on sized luggage which makes you realise just how little you actually need in the way of clothing.


Fight the urge to buy. All those small purchases you make really do add up. Make these slight changes and you’ll be well on your way to a round the world trip within a year. If you need extra motivation, just picture yourself laying on a tropical beach, soaking up the sun. You’ll thank yourself once you’re there in reality!

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