Discover the UK’s Lake District, and Discover True Beauty


The UK is full of areas of natural beauty, packed with wildlife, scenery, culture, history, and a choice of destinations to suit every interest. One district which receives repeat visitors time and time again is the Lake District.

Located in the north of England, this is one of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring areas you will ever set your eyes on, and on top of this, Lake District cottages are great for family holidays too, with action packed activities to keep little minds occupied – the perfect destination for a summer break with a difference.

The Lake District is England’s largest national park, full of imposing and huge mountains, valleys, stunning lakes, and quaint towns and villages. There is nothing boring about nature, and this part of the country will show you exactly why, with boating, walking, hiking, water-sports, cycling, and many other activities to partake in.

Because of the size of the area, you have a choice of destinations within the district, and each area has something different to offer. You will no doubt have heard of Windermere, with its famous and massive lake. This is an awesome sight to behold, with the expanse of water seeming to continue forever before you; if you need space to think then Windermere will certainly help you with that! Here you can enjoy those stunning mountain views, as well as many family friendly activities, such as scenic walking, camping, and endless water-sports on the lake itself.

Alternatively, Coniston Water is great for family activities too, and you can hire a boat or head off on the water in a canoe – perfect for a day splashing around.

This all goes a long way to squash any rumours that the Lake District is a quiet and boring area – it is certainly anything but!

Moving on, we have Ullswater, full of stunning mountain views and many walking trails to explore. You can even head off here and enjoy a spot of rock climbing, and you will find schools and tuition to help you learn such skills too. The North Lakes are also great for walking, but this is without a doubt the most cut off and quiet of the lakes, which if you’re seeking peace and serenity, is an ideal place to head. There are also many areas of historic importance around here too.

Whilst Windermere might be the most famous, Wastwater is probably the most underrated of the lakes. There is something special about this expanse of water, something which calls out to anyone who visits and leaves you staring at it in awe – visit and you will see exactly what is meant by that. Mountains seem to seep down towards the water, including Scafell Pike and Kirk Fell, to name just two.

Of course, you also have towns such as Keswick to explore, where you will receive a warm welcome from locals, and you can enjoy that wilderness vibe which seems to encompass the whole area.

Whether you’re seeking tranquillity, romance, family fun, or simply space to breathe, the Lake District has it all.

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