Build Your Own RTW Trip – Sample RTW Itinerary #1

Building your own RTW trip is easy. You can even make your whole RTW trip on budget airlines if you choose to (as discussed in great length in last week’s post). To demonstrate how easy it is to build your own RTW ticket, I have put a few sample itineraries together. These are real flights that you can book! All the flights were in January or February next year (1-2 months out) showing that you don’t need to book things months in advance and be locked into an itinerary for your RTW trip. Being flexible will save you money, not only on fares, but on avoiding costly change fares or losing tickets you paid for months in advance but no longer need.

Sample RTW Itinerary #1

This is a pretty typical RTW trip. This itinerary could be done in as little as one to two months, perfect for a break from work or study. It’s a beginners RTW trip with lots of top destinations and nothing too out of the ordinary.

Starting in London with a short stop over in Dubai you then head to Bangkok where you can take in as much of South East Asia as you fancy by overlanding around. Your outbound flight to Australia leaves from Kuala Lumpur. Spend as much or as little time in Australia as your budget affords you before hopping halfway across the Pacific to Hawaii. Las Vegas is the penultimate stop on your RTW trip and it’s time to shop and get ready for your homeward leg. New York City makes a great final destination before your flight home to London.

Because these are all point to point fares on budget airlines it doesn’t matter which location you start in, the fare will be the same. For consistency all prices listed are in USD and don’t include checked baggage fees.

  • London to Dubai – $250 on Pegasus with a stopover in Istanbul
  • Dubai to Bangkok – $267 on IndiGo with a stopover in Delhi
  • Kuala Lumpur to Sydney – $172 on Air Asia
  • Sydney to Honolulu – $330 on Jetstar
  • Honolulu to Las Vegas – $119 on Allegiant
  • Las Vegas to New York – $145 on Southwest
  • New York to London – $300 on Norwegian

Total cost – $1583 

I priced out the same itinerary using One World’s RTW trip planner and it quoted me a whopping $4766. So, there’s $3000 you can save and put towards your actual trip!!!


What do you think? It seems like a no-brainer to me but I’d love to hear your thoughts on ditching the expensive RTW ticket in favour of the point to point option.

Feature photo credit: szeke via photopin cc


  1. Living in the US these fares are not quite possible for us… Also, I’d ditch Las Vegas off the itinerary (sorry, but soooo many better places in the US)! Go to San Diego instead (yes, I am biased) – or even Los Angeles which does have some great museums and restaurants. Or Sedona, AZ, Seattle, WA or a hundred other places ;).

    • They are absolutely possible for people from the US. That’s the beauty of a DIY RTW trip! Why do you think they are not possible for US-based travellers?

  2. Thanks for this Bethaney!! Great suggestions on doing a RTW trip with a smaller budget. It really is amazing the savings you can get by just planning certain things out yourself instead of getting a package-type deal put together by someone else. Very helpful!

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