Best Travel Tips of the Week – 24 January 2014

Finding you the best travel tips of the week from across the web!

Each Friday I’m sharing the best travel tips posts I’ve come across during the week. If you’ve got a post to submit for next week, leave a comment in this week’s post, send me a tweet or leave a message on my Facebook page.

Ever thought about riding the Trans-Siberian Railway?

Here’s an excellent post from The Travelling Squid on how to get tickets for the Trans-Siberian railway and what they cost. They have more excellent posts with Trans-Siberian tips too.

How about traversing Europe by train?

Frugal First Class Travel is one of my favourite blogs. Aussie Jo blogs a lot about doing luxury travel on a minimal budget. Jo produced this great post as a guide to using the Eurail Pass to get around Europe by train.


Did you know you can use Priceline for flights?

I’ve long been a fan of using Priceline to find cheaper hotel rooms but I recently found out you can use it for flights. Here’s a great post with tips on using Priceline to find cheap flights with some added sneaky tricks for the smartest travellers amongst us.


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