Best Travel Tips of the Week – 17 January 2014

Finding you the best travel tips of the week from across the web!


Each Friday I’m sharing the best travel tips posts I’ve come across during the week. If you’ve got a post to submit for next week, leave a comment in this week’s post, send me a tweet or leave a message on my Facebook page.


Looking for a last minute airfare?

Here’s proof that travelling ultra-last minute can save you a lot of money. Here are some expert tips on booking cheap last minute flights from the Globetrotting Foodie.


Build the Ultimate US Road Trip

The USA is the best country in the world for roadtripping. It’s chock full of great sites but it’s vast and sparse in parts. Here’s an excellent post on how to road trip through the US and hit all the major landmarks with the least amount of effort.


How Do You Deal with a REALLY Long Travel Day?

I love this post from Suzanne at Boomeresque! On a reeeally long travel day, she learnt 22 things along the way. Some of them are general tip trips and some are specific to the long and complicated route she travelled from Philadelphia to Chiang Mai via San Francisco, Honolulu, Manila and Bangkok using Philippine Airlines.

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