The Best Sites for Finding Hotels in Australia

Australia is one of the most expensive countries on the planet right now thanks to their relatively stable economy and high standard of living. This does make it a pricey place to travel though. As always I have a few tricks up my sleeve for finding accommodation at a more reasonable price. is a great site for finding hotels in Australia. Generous discounts are offered off rack rates and the handy matrix display allows you to compare which hotels have the cheapest rates or the best discounts. They also offer mystery hotels at even cheaper rates. You won’t know which hotel you’re staying in until you book and pay but you can read a detailed description on amenities and location before you buy so they can be a great deals.


You can use Groupon’s travel page to find hotel deals across Australia. These deals are mostly designed for Aussies looking for weekend breaks so you’ll find lots of two or three night package deals in cities and beach or country escape spots. As with any group booking site, the key is signing up for the email alerts well in advance of your trip so you can watch out for suitable deals as they appear. Before buying a voucher, it also pays to call ahead to the hotel and make sure they have accommodation for the dates you want before you press the buy button as vouchers are generally non-refundable.


Even though Grabone is a New Zealand site it’s still great for finding hotel deals in Australia. Kiwis love heading across the ditch so it makes sense that a New Zealand website would have some good deals on offer. Not only is Grabone a good place to look for accommodation in the major cities, you’ll also find week long deals for holiday hotspots like the Gold Coast.


Got any tips for finding cheap hotels in Australia? I’d love to hear them. Leave me a comment below.

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