Best Cities for Football Fans to Visit in Europe


William Hill BettingIf you’re a football fan and you’re within close proximity of Europe then you’re in for a treat when it comes to visiting cities with massive clubs, steeped in history, as well as having a few other cultural and historic highlights at the same time.

European football is legendary, and for anyone who is a fan of the sport, whether you support a certain team or you’re totally neutral, visiting cities where football is a borderline religion should give you more than enough to fill your time. If you can grab tickets to a game, even better! Of course, tickets for big matches are like gold dust, so you may have to settle for a bet here and there instead; in that case, offer great odds to give you the chance to make a little profit, perfect for spending in your football-mad city of choice.

If you need a little inspiration, check out these five European cities, perfect for a football-related break.

Manchester, UK

Not only do you have Manchester United based in the city, but Manchester City too, with a rivalry as fierce as you’re going to find anywhere in Europe. Watching a game at Old Trafford is many a football fan’s dream, but Manchester is also packed with things to see and do. The Trafford Centre, very close to Old Trafford is fantastic for shopping, and the close proximity to another big footballing city, Liverpool, makes it great for a few days away.

London, UK

One word – Wembley! The home of English football is the holy grail of many a team and the chance to see a big match here is something everyone wants to experience. Again, tickets are not easy to come by, but it is possible if you book well in advance. We don’t have to talk about what else London has on offer, because there’s simply far too much to mention, but a ride on the London Eye, with amazing views across the capital city, is a must do.


Barcelona FC is home to such greats as Neymar Jr, however the Nou Camp stadium is a wonder in itself. A tour of the stadium is one of the biggest attractions in the city, but aside from that, Las Ramblas, is a must see, and the open top hop on and off bus tour is probably one of the best ways to see everything this large and sprawling city has to offer. There is an awful lot to see and do in Barcelona, and a weekend will certainly not be enough.


Famous for Bayern Munich and a vast array of German beers, Munich is a fantastic and eclectic city to visit, full of history and culture. Nymphenburg Palace is a must see, and the peaceful Englischer Garten is a little slice of peace and quiet in the centre of a very busy city. Of course, Allianz Arena is home to the biggest football team in the city, and this modern-looking stadium is a wonderful piece of architecture, as well as being a hotbed of footballing passion.


The city of fashion is also a big city of football, home to AC Milan and Inter Milan. Just like Manchester is home to two massive teams, Milan is the same, with a whole host of cultural and fashionable attractions to go alongside it. Trying some authentic Italian cuisine is a must do whilst you’re in Milan, as well as checking out the beautiful Milan Cathedral.

Football and cities go hand in hand, and these five are certainly big-hitters in the sporting world.

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