The Benefits of Seeing Europe by Rail

When it comes to travelling around a large land mass, the biggest decision you will make is how to get around. Do you hire a car and have your own epic road trip, do you fly, or do you do what many people are now making the method of choice, and travel around by rail.

European travel is easy by rail, and with countless companies offering rail passes, it often works out the cheapest way to travel. You’ll find countless options available to you, including Rail Europe, which offers fantastic rates on travel around many different European areas.

So, what are the pros to choosing to go by rail when you head off to explore all the culture and fun of Europe?

You get to really see the passing scenery. Whilst you’re obviously using rail as a way to get from A to B, you actually get to see the passing landscapes, which in Europe  are ever changing, passing borders, and the best part is that you can sit back and relax whilst seeing it. If you’re driving, you’re concentrating on the road, so you don’t really take in your surroundings, whereas on a train you can easily watch the world go by.

It’s cheap. We mentioned before about rail being arguably the cheapest way to see Europe, and with rail passes you can have a certain number of journeys for one set price, which is cheaper and less hassle. You don’t have to keep checking when trains are, going to the ticket office, buying the right ticket etc, because it’s already done for you! Buy in advance and the price is less.

Rail travel gives you freedom. You don’t have your journey necessarily planned out when you travel this way, because it’s easy to take a detour if the mood takes you. You’re passing through countries, some large, some small, so if you see something you want to explore further, it’s easy to catch a different train (provided your pass permits), and change direction. Be spontaneous!

Trains are generally more regular. You are no doubt aware that planes run to a schedule, set by air traffic control, but trains are often a lot more regular, so you’re not hanging around when you could be off exploring.

Interrailing is basically the new black. Travelling around by train used to be the thing that gap year students did, a little like island hopping, but thanks to the number of different ways you can easily get around, without having to do too much research beforehand, this is becoming the transport option of choice to get around everything that Europe has to offer.

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