Access to Healthcare Is a Basic Human Right… Right?

It all depends where you live.

You might not believe that there are places in the world that don’t acknowledge healthcare as a basic human right. You’re even less likely to believe that Canada, Australia, the USA and even the UK are among those places, but both statements are true.

It comes as no surprise that developed nations are the ones which have the highest number of healthcare professionals per person. But turn the page and you’ll find out that they’re also the countries that have failed to recognise healthcare as a basic human right.

On the other side of the coin countries like Algeria, Mali, Niger and Liberia, all of which have officially acknowledged healthcare as a basic human right, have comparatively low standards of care for the sick. The reasons for this are believed to be rooted in the countries’ educational, political and economical states which in the global sphere are often beyond an individual government’s control.

This is but one small enquiry into the global inequality in access to healthcare.

The Work the World team decided to take a deeper look into the problem. They’ve unearthed information that has the potential to change everything you know about healthcare. Scan through the infographic below to see what they found.

Is Healthcare a Human Right copy

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