8 Amazing Things to Do in Johannesburg For Less Than R200

South Africa has many adventurous and fun activities that you can do for under R200. During your visit to ZA, explore these eight awesome activities if you’re on a budget.


Feel like shooting up with friends and having a nice ball on a tight budget? Then Orlando Towers’ new addition activity is one you don’t want to miss out on. It takes place in the base of the Western FNB tower, which is filled with hundreds of concrete pillars.

Two teams play a variety of games, such as iron man and capture the flag.. For just R150, it covers entrance as well as gear rental and 100 paintballs per person.

Gold Reef City Theme Park

If you’re looking for that fun amazing thrill and rush of adrenalin then you should take a short trip to the Gold Reef City Theme Park and you won’t be disappointed. For an entry fee of R165, you get access to all the rides in the theme park all day.

The most popular and craziest coasters are the Anaconda and the Tower of Terror, so if you haven’t been on both rides then you haven’t ‘lived’ regardless of which other rides you went on.

Johannesburg Planetarium

If you’re fascinated by space and intergalactic phenomena, you should visit the Johannesburg Planetarium. Established in 1960, the Planetarium hosts over 65 000 visitors a year, most of them school children being taught about star signs, older children being taught about the moon and its movement in relation to Earth, and adults exploring astronomy in more detail.

Hunyani Reptile Park

Hunyani Reptile Park, commonly known as Hunyani Snake City, is a reptile educational breeding centre that often hosts presentations to teach the masses about the conservation of South African reptiles.

They are open weekly Mondays to Saturdays with live snake shows at certain intervals. Hunyani is home to some of South Africa’s deadliest snakes, such as king cobras, mambas, anacondas, pythons, rattlesnakes, and more.

Montecasino Bird Gardens

If you’re a nature lover then Montecasino Bird Gardens is the perfect place to become one with nature. This facility has a private collection of over 142 different species of birds and is home to over 1 000 birds.

You may also enjoy the Flight of Fantasy presentation, which is an entertaining educational course that takes place while a breathtaking display of many birds take unrestrained flight.

City Sightseeing Joburg

Johannesburg’s world leading open-top tour City Sightseeing Joburg is a fun enjoyable tour around the city of gold. The bus travels a unique route throughout the day, and you can hop on or hop off at 11 different stopping points using your ticket, of course.

The bus halts at major tourist attractions such as the Apartheid Museum, Ghandi Square, Gold Reef City, the World of Beer, and a few others. The tour operates every day of the year, regardless of the weather.

Croc City Crocodile Farm

Croc City provides the public with the opportunity to observe and take pictures of some of the world’s deadliest reptiles. You will be able to hold a baby crocodile as well as a variety of exotic snakes. Have fun and take awesome photographs at Croc City, which houses over 800 crocodiles.

Origins Centre

Explore your South African origins at the Wits Centre of Origins. This new heritage resource is home to the earliest images made by man, the Khoi San Rock Art. Go back 80 000 years, and take a journey to the present as you uncover the mysteries in mankind’s search for innovation.

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