5 Ways to Travel in Amsterdam

The old homage that life is about the ride, not the destination, couldn’t be more true than when you’re on vacation in Amsterdam. If you want to experience everything the area has to offer, there are some modes of transportation in the city that make the journey from one place to another just as exciting as the destinations, with a number of options to fit any budget.

Canal Bus

canal bus

There are plenty of choices for canal cruises in Amsterdam, from small private tours to chartered yachts for parties. However, if you’re looking to use the canal as a steady form of transportation throughout your trip, the Canal Bus is perfect.

You can purchase 24- or 48-hour tickets online or in person, and hop on and off as many times as you like. The bus travels to all the major museums and hot spots in Amsterdam, making them an easy walk from the dock.

Airport Bus

OK, so this one isn’t that “exciting,” per se, but once you step off the plane, the first mode of transportation you need is one to take you to your accommodations. In writing about the options available, British Airways suggests here that you should take advantage of the budget-friendly option of the airport bus. It leaves every 30 minutes, travels to popular points all across the city, and, again, it’s affordable.



The weather in Amsterdam is a mild, oceanic climate. The breeze from the westerly winds, relatively flat landscape, and the compact layout of the city make it ideal for cyclists. According to I Amsterdam, today there are over 400 kilometres of bicycle paths throughout the city, “with an estimated half of all city journeys taking place on two wheels.”

Boat Hire

Renting a boat is a popular way of exploring Amsterdam, and taking to your own watercraft allows your the pleasure of exploring the canals with friends and family at your own leisure. Pack up some food and drink for a relaxing picnic as you sail along, taking in the beautiful views and historic architecture.

As The Albus explained in a post on boat hire, renting a boat in Amsterdam is very simple. Also, you only need a special license “for boats longer than 15 meters or capable of speeds faster than 20 kph.”

Public Transportation

Amsterdam has an exceptional public transportation system. When you’re in the city, the trams, trains, and metro stations are usually within walking distance. You can also grab a spot on one of the public ferries for beautiful views up and down the River IJ or the North Sea Canal. Both options provide transportation for traveling on foot, bikes, or mopeds.

When you’re in Amsterdam, the ride will certainly be just as enjoyable as the destination. With all of the options to choose from, you’re sure to find one that best fits your schedule and budget throughout your trip.

Photo Credit: Matt Peoples via photopin cc

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