5 Exciting Things to Do With Your Kids in Miami

Kids grow up so fast; it doesn’t take long for them to turn from helpless 10 month-olds to know-it-all 17 year-olds and the more they grow, the less time they spend with you. Considering this, you should make time to do things with them when they are still young and strive to make each of those moments memorable. With that in mind, here are ideas on what you can do together on your travels in Miami.


photo credit: Anton Power via photopin cc

photo credit: Anton Power via photopin cc

1. Visit the Zoo

Going to the zoo can be a fun way to bond with your kids without getting them bored. There are some great zoos in Miami including the Jungle Island which offers high levels of interactivity. Your kids will surely love to see Jungle Island Miami where they will be amazed with lots of domestic and exotic animals. Lemurs, penguins, snakes, turtles and flamingoes are just a few of the animals they can get to see here.

2. Camp Out

As an adult, you probably have memories of that one amazing camping trip you had with your parents and always reflect on the beautiful impact it had on you. This is something you would also want your kids to experience. So, even when your schedule seems very busy, making time to camp out with them can give you a perfect opportunity to build great memories.

photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photopin cc

photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photopin cc

3. Go for a Swim

Miami has many stunning beaches and sometimes it gets so hot you just want to take a dip. Therefore, whenever the temperatures are right, you can take advantage and pick a kid-friendly beach on which to cool off. Just make sure to get all your umbrellas, chairs, towels and toys in place. If your kids are very young though, you will need to keep an eye on them throughout so they don’t end up eating the sand.

4. Watch a Movie

If you need to beat the Miami heat, something as simple as going to the movie theatre and picking a movie to watch together can be very meaningful. You can even go ahead and set aside a day every few weeks to watch a family-oriented movie together.

5. Play a Game

While you can get your kids video games and let them enjoy themselves, joining in to experience their world can be far more interesting. It will give you a chance to feel like a child again (every kid needs such an opportunity once they grow up and get their own kids). There are plenty of gaming arcades throughout Miami.

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