10 Ways to Get Around Europe

Europe is a compact continent that’s chock-full of great cities, sites and cultural. Getting around Europe is easy. Infrastructure is good and there are many different transport options available to travellers.

Here are 10 Ways to Get Around Europe:

Flights – Easy, simple and quick. Flying around Europe can be a great option if you’re short on time and want to hit a few destination. There are a tonne of budget airlines which make it cheap to move about and also hit some of the smaller, regional parts of Europe’s best countries. Here are some further tips about finding cheap flights in Europe.

Ferry –  Hopping around the Greek and Turkish islands by ferry is a great way to make your travel more scenic and exciting. There are other ferry options in Europe like Nice to Corsica in France, Dover in the UK to Calais in France and Newcastle to Amsterdam. 

Cruise – Cruising around Europe is also a viable option. You can find river cruises in Europe through the major waterways like the Danube and Rhine. Sea cruises can take you around the Mediterranean and Baltic seas.

Bus – Scheduled bus routes around Europe vary from country to country. Each country has it’s own network and buses can be a more cost effective option than train for intercity travel.

Bus Tours – For the younger crowd, bus tours are a fun way to get around Europe. They ply a set route and you can either join a tour like Contiki for the entire stretch or use a more flexible option like Busabout which allows you to spend as much time in each city on their tour route as you like.

Rail – Rail is a romantic way to cross the continent. The rail network in Europe stretches far and wide. Though it can be a more expensive option, a Eurail pass can help you keep the costs down.

Car Rental – If you’re sticking to one country, a car rental can be an excellent idea, especially in regions like the South of France or Tuscany where the joy of the region is in the countryside rather than the city centres. One-way rentals will dramatically increase the cost however.

Car Lease – Car companies like Renault and Citroen offer car leasing options for non-residents of Europe. You can lease a car for 17 to 165 days and one-way rentals are possible.

Rideshare – Rideshares are a fun way to get from city to city. Search for forums where locals post their routes, jump in their car and go. You chip in for gas and they get some company for the car journey.

Campervan – Buying or renting a campervan can be an interesting way to get around Europe. It will mean sticking to the edges of cities and staying in camping grounds but could save you money on expensive hotels and eating out. It’s a great idea if you are travelling with kids or pets.

Feature photo credit: Nietnagel via photopin cc

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